Can cannabis help with my chronic post-surgical pain?

“I have chronic post-surgical pain following a hernia surgery on my genitals. I’d like to know if cannabis might be an option to help with this pain. Can I use CBD or THC?”

Sorry to hear you have lasting post-surgical pain from your hernia. Your question didn’t make it clear whether or not the genital surgery was for scrotal hernia, or if you are a female who had a (rarer) labial hernia. Either way, there are many causes of post-surgical pain and cannabis may be helpful for some of these. After directly treatable causes have been ruled out by your physician, cannabis has been found helpful by some patients for resetting the chronic pain threshold, although this may take some cautious experimentation with things like CBD:THC ratio. Also, remember that nerves heal more slowly than other body tissues and sometimes post-surgical pain resulting from surgical trauma to nerves resolves over many months rather weeks, or even longer.


I have found the topical 1:1 cream applied every hour during your waking hours and applied to your lower lumbar spine (where the nerves come out to your pelvis) and rubbed into the surgical site should produce a significant reduction in your chronic post-surgery pain level within one week but if you still have any pain remaining be sure you are taking some CBDs internally like an AC/DC in a tincture or vaporizing oil and your pain should resolve. This has worked for my post-operative pain and I would love to hear how it has helped you.


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