Can cannabis impact thyroid-stimulating hormone levels?

"I have been taking Kiva blueberries. Recently, I had my TSH level measured and came back at 10.49 – it’s never been that high. "

Great Question. Although the use of Kiva blueberries on thyroid function has not been previously tested and there aren’t very many studies specifically on thyroid function from the use of THC, Bonnet’s (2013) work on Chronic Cannabis Abuse on Delta-9-thetrahydrocannabinol and thyroid function in Pharmacopsychiatry, found that levels of thyroid hormones did not correlate with levels of THC in the blood. These results argue against any influence of chronic cannabis intake on the thyroid function of humans. For more information please feel free to check out this peer reviewed article:

Bonnet, U. (2013). Chronic cannabis abuse, delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol and thyroid function. Pharmacopsychiatry, January 2013, Vol.46(1), pp.35-6


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