Can cannabis oil help with testicular cancer?

"My 21 year old son has just been diagnosed with testicular cancer; they started him on chemo last night. How do we approach the doctors that are not open to alternative medicine?"

Here is a link from American For Safe Access. https://www.safeaccessnow.org/talking_to_your_doctor_about_medical_marijuana

This may help. I would also do research and bring copies of articles/papers found on pubmed or other reputable sources.

Cannabis can def. help with the side-effects of chemotherapy. While a quick survey doesn’t reveal any anecdotal evidence of cannabis being effective for testicular cancer, if it was my family member I would treat with the oil and other modes of administration, such as suppository and CBD treatments. Best of luck.


Yes cannabis oil can help. Testicular cancer often responds very favorably to traditional therapies such as surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. The 5 year survival rate is around 95%. Cannabis can help with the symptoms associated with the treatments and also help prevent metastasis, angiogenesis and in destroying cancerous cells. I would try to find a doctor who is open to alternative medicine. It would be best for your son’s healing if all parties where in agreement as to the best way to treat the cancer. If your doctor is not okay with cannabis, I would not discuss it with them further, and in fact would wait until after treatment is done to reveal that cannabis was helpful during the treatment.


Commenting on Dr, Vanderveer and Dneice’s remarks. Cannabis has been shown both clinically and in multiple human studies to help in the side effects of chemotherapy. Oncologists are the specialists most aware of this and usually will have no objections to their patients using cannabis to help treat these side effects. There are, of course, ones that would object so I might take care to feel them out first.

As far as any cannabis products helping, curing or treating ANY type of cancer, there is no clinical evidence to support this. Laboratory studies and some animal studies seem to suggest his. There are many anecdotal data and stories from patients claiming a cure from cannabis alone. I would not stop any chemotherapy that my oncologist would recommend. Taking cannabis along with this therapy can help with the side effect however.

Perry Solomon, MD

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