Can CBD help to reduce the size of a cyst?

"I have a cyst in my jaw."

Hard to say. I have used CBD for other types of cysts with good success, in particular the skin, spinal cord, and liver. Standard doses of 30 mg have been effective in most cases. Topical applications for accessible cysts can also be effective. I apply CBD concentrates to all wounds, burns, and viral blisters finding immediate pain relief and enhanced healing.


I know this is a bit late but for posterity, I have an arachnoidal cyst and subsequent hygroma. I am a doctor, but not that kind. The pain and seizures brought on at first were crippling. I utilize cannabis both recreationally and medically. The choice in my mind became, either let them crack open my skull or beat it myself. I have chosen the later. I vaporize the CBD, it’s a bit more expensive but easier for me. I refuse to take opiates so my pain relief options were slim. After a ‘strict’ regiment of the CBD the headaches have all but gone. I’m going to go in for a contrast MRI here in a month or so and comapre it to the ones taken back in October. My bet, the thing shrunk. Again, I’m not a medical doctor but I am a scientist.
Best of luck.
Peace and Namaste
Rev. Michael Aaron Knight Ph.D


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