Can CBD oil be effective for autism in children, or violent behavior, and can it be prescribed in California?

Yes cannabis oil has shown many benefits for autistic individuals. CBD and THC along with the other cannabinoids seem to help with many different aspects. In California a doctor may recommend medical cannabis to anyone, including children. CBD only extracts (that you can buy on amazon) and the laws surrounding them are complicated and the quality of the oils is often quite variable.


There are a variety of family anecdotes that display a strong correlation between CBD and successful relief from an array of symptoms associated with Autism. You might find hope in the story of Luke, from Realm of Caring, a nonprofit providing support services for individuals using cannabinoid therapy and was co-founded by a mother. Luke’s family reported success with CBD oil and improving his sleep and appetite. We recently received a seal of approval from Realm of Caring and are grateful to be part of such a hardworking organization.


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