Can children safely use CBD?

"I am taking CBD as an anti-depressant and my son just received a recommendation from his psychologist to begin taking an SSRI. I don’t want him to have a chemical drug but I know he needs help for his depression. Can he take CBD as well? He is 10 years old. "

CBD is in no way psychoactive and has been known to help children of various ages from toddler to teen.

The only problem would be getting him the prescription he needs of course since doctors aren’t as open to prescribing children cannabis as they are to adults with already developed brains because of the issue of THC affecting the brains development.

I was prescribed Prozac (SSRI) and Lorzopam (Benzo) when I was 18 years old and cut them cold turkey after experimenting with CBD derived from hemp as well as the occasional recreational joint to get my mind off of things. It helped. I myself haven’t noticed any cognitive setbacks from the CBD, it may make your child a bit more relaxed which isn’t bad but he surely will not get stoned.

CBD derived by hemp is one of the ways to ensure there is absolutely no THC being ingested into the system.


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