Can hello md help with other health issues or is it strictly mmj related? Thank you

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Perry Solomon, MD

Strictly mmj. My husband has dementia of some kind and has insomnia. He has sleep Apnea, will not use a cpap. Catnaps through the night and then in the morning stumbles at times, falls at times with daytime sleepiness. He lives in a residential care facility and they dispense edibles such as Blueberries to him plus Sensi Chews with Melatonin. We are at a loss of how to help him sleep. lilly


From the thoughtful response I have read in other MD recommendations as well as my own experience, I would say I agree w/ Dr. Solomon about physicians dispensing general health and wellness advice combined with sound med cann advice. However, patients have made comments and given accolades that many get more out of the MD consult than they had originally expected. We’re here to do more than just give a "rubber stamp" for a med cann recc and I personally am glad to give advice on sleep hygiene, mental health treatments, nutrition, pan mgmt pointers/ advice as well!


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