Can HelloMD assist w/potential MMJ patients in Wisconsin or make a referral to a WI based doctor?

"I’ve been an MMJ patient for the past few years in CA and have explained the potential medical benefits to my wife’s grandmother who is a resident of WI. As an 84 year old she suffers from chronic pain and has been addicted to pain killers, in various forms for the past 20 to 30 years. She recently tested postive for THC and her doctors threatened to stop her prescription of oxycoton should she test positive again in 60 days. Reviewing Wisconsin Act 4 ( it seems she could be a MMJ patient (CBD oil usage) but I’m curious whether or not the provisions would allow HelloMD to assist her or make a referral?"

Hi there! HelloMD’s practitioners are licensed in New York or California, and as such, are not permitted to consult with patients outside of their state of licensure. The good news is that any physician with an active Wisconsin medical license may write a recommendation for the possession and use of CBD for a Wisconsin-based patient. Good luck!


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