Can HTFSE or HCFSE be used in substitution of FECO or RSO with or without additional processing?

"Additional processing, meaning decarboxylation

HTFSE= high-terpene full spectrum extract
HCFSE= high cannabinoid full spectrum extract
FECO= full extract cannabis oil
RSO = Rick Simpson Oil"

The only answer I can think of is that you are applying the language and logic of science to something with no science to guide the answer. If you are asking on a theoretical level whether one can be substituted for the other you need to specify what the substitution is supposed to achieve in order to compare the effectiveness of the different preparations. There is no basis in clinical science for a comparison of effectiveness in treating cancer or any other disease state with any these preparations. Because cannabis presents virtually no toxicity in human biology I have no difficulty with patients experimenting freely with these preparations, but it is important to differentiate advice that is based on clinical science from the wisdom of folk medicine.


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