Can I get a CA MMIC issued from the state using a doctors recommendation from HelloMD?

Hi there!

Yes you can! If you are a product manufacturer or if you are looking to receive a medical discount, you need a state issued MMIC.

To apply for this, you need a recommendation (which you can receive from us) and then you need to apply with your county. See here to find your local Health Dept. to make an appt: https://www.cdph.ca.gov/Programs/CHSI/Pages/County-Program-and-Hours.aspx

Once you have scheduled an appointment with your county, they will need to fax us documents so you can have them send that to: (415) 329-1407.

Here’s a great article we have with some information that provides more information on all of this. https://www.hellomd.com/health-wellness/5a302030100a820006562ebf/why-youll-still-need-a-medical-recommendation-after-jan-1

I hope this information helps! 🙂


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