Can I get treated in the USA?

"I live in the UK. I have a range of medical issues that want medical help with and I think marijuana might help. My question is if I travel to the US, will a doctor see me and can I buy products there that will help me? Which state should I visit? Any advice you can give would be great.

Cannabis is available here, but only on the streets and not supported by the medical profession it seems. "

We would love to have you visit our diverse state where we love our diversity making us unique. If you are in California we can do an office visit as long as you have an address in California where you are able to receive your recommendation allowing you to purchase cannabis medication. Since you do not mention your medical challenges I cannot address them directly but what I can tell you is that most all health challenges improve by using high CBD, low THC twice daily as a sublingual tincture but it does take time for the CBD’s to stop inflammation in your body so you will continue to improve over a months time. This CBD’s should lighten your mood, stop inflammatory disease, protect your heart and blood vessels, your neurological system, your bones and joints well keeping you focused and clearheaded and resolve anxiety and depression. I encourage patients to keep their CBD level steady but allow them to play a little with their THC after work or when they don’t have to get in a car or go school. Some states allow you to use cannabis without a recommendation and some states have started cannabis tourism. Do not share or sell your cannabis, do not smoke in public, carry your cannabis card on you and always carry your cannabis in the trunk of the car and you should be safe using cannabis in our fine state. We would love to see you in California.


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