Can I use my PA card in other states ?

Hi there! It depends on which state you’ll be visiting, but there are a few states that have reciprocity laws that will allow you to use your out-of-state recommendation there. Check out this page on our website: https://www.hellomd.com/answers/58b8af51111d520007e27e55/which-states-have-cannabis-reciprocity-laws-in-place

There’s some more detailed information on which states you can, and what’s allowed.

I hope this helps!


Well I thought the answer was just going to be a straight "no" — but I was wrong! There are some states with reciprocity laws, meaning they will accept cards from other states. Here’s a few links that will give you a quick rundown of those states and their cannabis laws (you must follow possession/consumption guidelines for that state when you’re there). Also just be aware that it’s up to the dispensary if they wish to honor out of state medical cards, so I would call to double check before you go to buy. Good luck!



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