Can I use this as a sleep aid?

Sleep science is an intricate field that incorporates depression and anxiety management and ensuring the right conditions are in place for a person to receive restorative sleep. A high CBD to THC ratio product or a CBD only product may be beneficial, but please ensure that underlying causes of insomnia are diagnosed and corrected first.

NP Joshua

Hey there,

I am going to answer this based on my single handedly experience.

I have been suffering from insomnia and depression round about a year.

The irregular sleeping cycles have been affecting the normal functioning of my body, and I have many times sported panda eyes (due to dark circles) due to insomnia.

Due to which I started using hemp derived CBD oil and other products on first place, which by the way has helped me alot.

CBD is Cannabidiol, which derived from natural hemp plant and doesnot get youy high.

Recently I’ve started drinking CBD Tea an hour before sleeping and it has helped me sleep better and faster!

I’m going to insert a link of the CBD Tea that I usually buy from and drink and I hope it gives you the solution you are looking for here.


All the best!


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