Can I use your product to help my 16yr old with junior arthritis?

We do not sell cannabis on our site. Depending on where you are, you may be able to obtain caregiver status for your child. This will require you to go to a cannabis doctor in person with your child who is a minor. I would recommend you call the doctor ahead of time and ask if they service minors. I would also recommend that you bring medical records for your child with you. We do not service minors here at HelloMD.

As you probably have found out, cannabis is effective (anecdotally) for controlling arthritis pain. Here is a recent blog post we wrote:


Also, I would like to point out that there are many different kinds of products on the market that may (or may not) prove effective. These include cannabis topicals and high CBD products such as tinctures, both of which are non psychoactive.

I am not a doctor and this post represents my opinion only. I recommend that you speak to your child’s doctor in addition to a cannabis doctor in person in addition to going to a highly reputable dispensary which can service you with the best possible products for your situation.

I hope this helps!


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