Can I vape CBD oil? If I have a bottle of Jayden's Juice tincture?

No, Jayden’s Juice is an oral preparation and should not be smoked unless you have contacted them at their website to find out their opinion but usually preparations intended for oral use should not be smoked. Jayden’s Juice is safe enough for a child because it will not make you high but it does take regular use twice daily before you really feel it after ~3 weeks but it is working to get rid of the inflammatory cells in your body. Since you have a bottle of medicine, starting five drops four times today and in a couple of days when you know your blood pressure is stable, go to 10 drops twice a day and stay at that level for three weeks, then you can increase the dose if needed. You will notice a profound calming effect at approximately 3 weeks but if you don’t notice, you could try going to 13 to 15 drops twice a day. Your sleep will be much better if you use CBD after using Sativa, because the CBD will join with the higher THC from Sativa and create an Indica in your body so you can go to sleep. CBD has so many uses at benefits but you won’t know until you try using it regularly.


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