Can I vaporize a CBD or THC tincture? If so, what type of vaporizer should I use?

For many reasons, it is safest to vape ONLY products that are designed for vaporization, since you would not want to inhale ingredients that are irritating to the lung tissue.
Tinctures designed for oral use are best used as directed.


I would not recommend this. Against my better judgement, I tried to do this with my own vaporizer pen meant for e-cigarettes. The mixture ended up making me feel very sick.

You are looking to inhale the THC, not the other compounds in your tincture.


If you are looking to use a vaporizer, you will need to use it with a medium that is meant for vaporizing. If you just need to vape a specific type of medium for example dry herbs – you will need to make sure that the vaporizer you get is designed for dry herbs. Vaporizers can be medium specific, but you can also get 3 in 1 vaporizers or ‘multi-purpose’ vaporizers.


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