Can juicing raw cannabis cure my arthritis?

"I read an article online where a woman had great success juicing cannabis daily. I am skeptical but was wondering if anyone knows about this or has had experience."

Juicing raw cannabis has great health benefits, most notably anti-inflammatory effects. Arthritis is inflammation of one or more joints, with a number of different causes. Raw juiced cannabis flowers, leaves, stems, roots and seeds all have medicinal properties, most notably CBD, or cannabidiol. THC-A has very strong anti-inflammatory properties. The cannabinoids are most highly concentrated in the flowers of female plants.
Im not sure if cannabis can "cure" your arthritis, but it most certainly can have a beficial effect on the inflammation and pain. You might want to try raw juiced cannabis in combination with decarboxylated tinctures with CBD and THC, as well as topical cannabis preparations.


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