Can marijuana be used to treat anxiety?

Absolutely! In fact, treating anxiety is exactly how I found out about High CBD strains.

Nick DeJesus

I want off this xanax. I am very sensitive and only take .25 about 3x a week. I just got Stanley Bros. CW everyday supplement (lowest dose). Is it safe to take on the days I do not take xanax? Will this work to calm my anxiety so I can lose the xanax eventually? Do I need some with thc in it as well? I am so confused on all of this. Thank you for any help offered.


When taking a close look at medical studies and results of medical marijuana used to treat anxiety, it’s evident that the chemical makeup, specifically the presence of the chemical compound Cannabidiol, commonly known as CBD, is the main ingredient to treat anxiety.

Research shows that THC and CBD can have opposite effects when used to treat anxiety disorders. THC is linked to feelings of paranoia and anxiety, because it activates the amygdala area of the brain, which is responsible for fear.

On the alternate, CBD counteracts such feelings from THC. Studies show that taking CBD on its own can lower – even eliminate – anxiety.

For those looking to treat anxiety disorders with cannabis, treatment relies heavily on the appropriate dose. Research proves that THC begins to raise anxiety levels after a certain threshold is passed. Those using medical marijuana to treat anxiety will need to find strains with high compounds of CBD.


Anxiety has been a part of my life on and off since i was about 13 years old. Anddd it sucks. However, there is definitely relief in cannabis products for us. I have found that flower with CBD content gives me the balance of a high, and a soothing mental relaxation at the same time. CBD tends to "take the edge" off of THC, removing the feelings of paranoia and anxiety. Go into your local dispensary and find a CBD flower with a low THC. My personal favorite which is pretty widely available in my area of So Cal is Harlequin. Its a high CBD low THC strain that i have never had a bad high from, on the other hand it erases all of my worries and stresses and allows me to relax. I have also never seen anyone react badly to it while medicating with other patients. Its just that well balanced.


Is there anything available to treat peripheral neuropathy pain? I have tried balms and they help a bit but not enough to relieve the pain.


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