Can marijuana cause depression?

"I’ve read some articles that say marijuana can help with depression, but others that say marijuana can make depression worse — or even cause other mental health conditions like schizophrenia. Which is true?

Depression is often multifactorial, most often caused by a number of different factors. I dont think that using cannabis would directly lead to depression. However, some people report dark, negative thoughts when utilizing certain strains and under certain conditions. Cannabis is very diverse, and each different type of plant contains different compounds, depending on the genetics of the plant, where it is grown, how it is grown, how long it has been dried and/or processed. Possibly of more importance is that each individual will have a different reaction to cannabis. My advice would be to try out many different varieties of cannabis, as well as inhalation, edibles and tinctures. Go with the herb that smells most pleasing to you. Maybe a skunky weed makes you cringe, while a fruity variety makes you smile. Some people report depressive symptoms when using indica and anxiety with sativa. I would reccomend a hybrid with uplifting qualities. Get outside, breath some fresh air, go for a walk and stay in the present. Get a massage, or give back to the community. Depression usually results from anxiety in worrying about the future, or in regrets of mistakes from the past. The past and the future are only mental constructs, the only thing that is real is this moment. Live fully in the present, learn from the past and plan for a bright future. Cannabis can alter our thought patterns enough to break free from negative thinking, allowing us to live fully in the present moment.


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