Can marijuana help with autoimmune diseases?

"I have rheumatoid arthritis and take an anti-TNF medication. Could marijuana help me?"

With autoimmune disease, it is always best to eliminate any offending substance to reduce inflammation in your body but this may mean eliminating your favorite food or drink, like cow dairy, wheat and soy just to name a few. In addition, do consider doing a cellular detox as well as adding a super high CBD, low THC cannabis tincture at least twice daily to reduce your inflammatory cell load. Omega-3 oil, 1,000mg three times per day may also be added to reduce inflammation while eliminating Omega 6 and Omega 9 foods and supplements. It takes time for the CBD cannabis to work and you won’t be high with CBD but you should notice an improvement with less pain after 2 1/2 to 3 weeks at 20 drops per day of a super concentrated CBD tincture or you may need to go to a little higher dose. Without a specific autoimmune disease my ability to give you more information is limited but since most humans are vitamin D deficient that’s another area that needs attention especially in autoimmune problems because your autoimmune disease maybe directly due to vitamin D deficiency. It is essential in autoimmune disease to address any nutritional deficiencies. It is very likely you will not only improve your health but you may completely resolve your autoimmune disease and if you have not I invite you to come back I have a consultation.


CBD has been able to replace meds for RA in most cases. It has been effective in other arthritis types as well.


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