can marijuana help with pain from peripheral neuropathy and lumbar radiculopathy?

I believe marijuana will help significantly for these conditions. Since high CBD cannabis acts as an anti-inflammatory and blocks pain signals, positive results may be obtained by taking the inflammation away from the nerve and blocking the pain signals from reaching the brain. This would be a great opportunity for you to change your life and correct posture problems that may be contributing to this chronic pain issue. Your body can’t call you on the telephone to say ‘get off the nerves’, so it gives you pain and you automatically move in response to the pain but if you would correct your posture you would prevent the build up inflammatory cells. Consider taking a movement class, one for an injured person if that is this situation and learn to correct your posture 100 times a day and your body won’t have to keep screaming at you. You must also correct your vitamin D level because your body cannot get calcium into the bones without adequate vitamin D so your bones are more likely to deform with lips and spurs when you keep you’re bad posture. You ultimately learn that you live with the pain you create. Hydration is another common problem since people drink everything but water so your body will pull water out of the discs in your spine and your bones will splay out. Peripheral neuropathy tends to be an inflammatory disease from inside meaning your body is toxic and you’re likely eating too much sugar, not exercising or you’re stressing to the max.
Medical problems are complex and multidimensional but there is a huge satisfaction when you start taking care of yourself and find you do not need dangerous, Western medical drugs to heal your body.


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