Can pet formulated CBD oil help my arthritic cat?

It may! CBD is helpful for treating chronic pain from arthritis. It is also anti-inflammatory which may help treat the underlying disease process. CBD does not have any psychoactive effects and shouldn’t really affect your cat adversely; although, it can be mildly sedating / sleep inducing.


Thanks for asking such a great question! CBD and cannabis in general can be very effective medicine for arthritic cats. Depending on the severity of the arthritis, CBD may be enough to help with the pain or some degree of THC may be required. CBD can be a good place to start though, since it is not psychoactive and thus the margin of safety for dosing is much greater. Like with any other medication, the keys to safe and effective use are in choosing the right preparation and giving the correct dosage. Just like with us humans, the amount (in milligrams) CBD is critical to success. My very strong recommendation to anyone who wants to use any type of cannabis for their pets is to get the advice of a veterinarian that has experience with using cannabis as medicine. If that is not available to you where you live, I have two resources that will be helpful. My book, "The Ultimate Pet Health Guide" is a roadmap for pet owners to integrate nutrition, holistic care, and Western medicine to keep pets healthy. There is an entire chapter dedicated to medical cannabis in pets and how to use it safely and effectively. You can check out my webinar on how to use medical cannabis for pets. Best of luck with your pet!


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