Can smoking marijuana help with phantom limb or is there a better way to take it?

"I’m a a leg amputee suffering from phantom limb. I’d like to know how to take marijuana so that the discomfort will go away."

Phantom limb pain is a complex syndrome described as burning, aching, or electric in quality. It is a diagnosis of exclusion, and should only be made after ruling out other causes of stump pain such as infection, ischemia, wounds, and neuroma.

Medical marijuana may be effective in managing neurogenic pain associated with phantom limb syndrome. Any route of administration may be helpful, including vaporizing, oral/ingestible delivery, and topical application. Vaporizing is fast acting for a shorter duration (1-2 hours) whereas oral/ingestible medications have a longer period of time before onset (up to to 2 hours) and have a longer duration of action (up to 8 hours). I would suggest using the method that is most comfortable and convenient for you based on these factors.

In general, I discourage smoking marijuana, because cannabis smoke contains carbon monoxide, tar, carcinogens, butane (if a lighter is used), and other chemicals which may be harmful for your health.


I lost my foot to a careless driver 3 years ago. I found cannabis to be an effective method of pain relief and relaxation for sleep. I have not and do not expect to smoke it, but I do grind and vaporize it. It’s generally regarded as safer and healthier while still providing the intended results. Great success to you.


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