Can someone help me on how to use this?

"I am used to the Valhalla Gummies and I have had to cut other things in half or it would be too strong. I need something for pain. I have found that my depression is not so bad either which is great. Not sure if this would be right for me. Thank "

Hi there!

If you felt that the Valhalla gummies were too strong for you, even if they were cut in half, you may want to consider another item that allows you to microdose and better monitor the amount of THC or CBD that you are consuming.

If you are interested in trying the Care By Design 2:1 sublingual drops, this may be a better option for you. Each drop will contain a higher amount of CBD than THC, so the psychoactive effects won’t be as strong. You can also use the dropper to closely monitor the exact amount of tincture that you are consuming. Also, because it’s a sublingual, it should absorb in the mouth faster than in your stomach like gummies and other edibles. With that said, please keep in mind a little self-experimentation is required to find the appropriate dose to not be too strong and still alleviate your symptoms.

I hope this information helps! 🙂


Hi @KC2018 – Yes! Gummies are definitely a popular product on the cannabis market! Part of the reason they are so popular is because it’s an easy way to keep track of how much you are consuming. You want to make sure you are never feeling uncomfortable because it could be a sign that you have consumed too much!

We love Valhalla gummies and we know our patients do too, but I would also suggest the Plus Sour Watermelon (Sativa) gummies or the Plus Blackberry & Lemon (Indica) gummies. Each gummy contains at least 4.5mg of THC each, but they are also available in Coconut Pineapple CBD gummies with no THC.

I hope you find the product that works best for you soon!


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