Can someone in Nebraska buy this for personal use?

Sorry, but these products are only sold in California.

With respect to Nebraska, you can find their marijuana laws on the NORML website at https://norml.org/laws/item/nebraska-penalties-2.

Unfortunately, even CBD products, such as this salve and tincture, that have virtually no THC content but have remarkable healing capability, are considered schedule 1 drugs on the federal level and some states, like Nebraska, have not allowed their use, even in medical applications.

This is the status of medical marijuana in Nebraska according to the Marijuana Policy Project:

"The Nebraska Unicameral convened on January 4. Unfortunately, the new makeup of the Senate currently has fewer supporters than last year when a medical marijuana bill fell just three votes short of moving forward for a final vote. However, this year will offer new opportunities to educate and engage new lawmakers.

Advocates are working with returning and new lawmakers to determine the best strategy for moving forward. New legislative champions and a new bill will allow for a re-energized movement for compassionate medical marijuana legislation.

Twenty-eight states and the District of Columbia have enacted effective medical marijuana laws. Seriously ill patients in Nebraska deserve the same access to this safe and effective treatment that is currently available for 60% of the U.S. population. The time has come for Nebraska lawmakers to put aside politics and stand with patients."


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