Can someone share direction on recommended dosage of THC and CBD per day for melanoma with brain metastasis?

"I’ll preface this by saying that we’re clear there is no statistically significant empirical evidence on this matter however there are a number of small studies and anecdotal evidence for the benefits of a cannabis protocol as a supplemental treatment for various cancers. Unfortunately, I’ve not been able to find any specifics regarding dosage and our prescribing doctor in NYC knows almost nothing beyond what’s easily searchable on the interwebs. I’ve seen/heard a number of people discuss a 60 grams/60 ML in 90 days protocol for whole plant extract (e.g. RSO and others) but that doesn’t really provide insight into dosages. The reason I’m asking is bc we are getting tinctures from the dispensary in NYC with varying ratios of THC:CBD and concentrations of each per ML and would like to get a sense for optimal MG dosage per day so we can employ our own cannabis program. Currently my wife is taking 90 mg of CBD and ~50-70mg of THC a day but again, have almost no idea whether that’s close to inline with where we want to be to help slow growth and ultimately kill cancer. We’re exploring some more established protocols that call for 60 grams in 90 days but they’re extremely expensive and if we can understand dosage, we might be able to do it on our own more affordably. Any thoughts/direction is most appreciated. "

I wish I could be of more assistance. Even in mice models where cannabinoids were shown to impede the growth of melanoma (in the 60% or so of mice with responsive CB1 and 2 receptors) the dosages were done in micrograms. While we can extrapolate some doses in some drugs to what might be safe in a human, safe dosing is finalized under the auspices of a controlled phase 1 clinical trial. As I am sure you have found in your research, that data does not exist.

NP Joshua

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