Can taking CBD oil help reduce stress?

"Will it work better if it has some THC in it? How much should I take to get relief but still be functional during the day?"

I take CBD multiple times a day to prevent my migraines. As a side effect I have noticed a marked decrease in anxiety and a more relaxed state of being. This tracks with new research on CBD. CBD comes in many different forms. You can take a tincture, a capsule, edibles or vape for instance. It really depends on what form works best for you. I like sub lingual tincture and vape cartridges. Dosage is personal but as long as you stay at a 4:1 ratio of CBD to THC in say a tincture, and titrate dosing throughout the day, you should not get high and should be fully functional. Try it on a weekend to make sure. I am not a doctor and this represents my experience only. I hope this helps! You may want to check out the new research we just published on CBD to see if it helps you:



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