can this help chronic pain

"spinalcord injury in the cervical and lumbar
I had cervicle fusion on my c4-c5-c6 and have nerve pain and insomnia.
what can i do?
Can this help chronic pain?"

Hello there! First, a couple of questions. By nerve pain, do you mean neuropathic pain (i.e. numbness, tingling, burning, etc?) . Is this occurring in your fingertips? If this is worsening, I might recc. that you go back to neurosurgeon/ back doctor who performed your surgery. From the way things are phrased, I take it that your insomnia is related to this pain? In my humble practice experience, med cann products can be helpful for both the nerve pain and the insomnia but this is best done in the context of what we call a multi-modal/ multi-system approach. This means that physical therapy should be involved and other modalities for pain control/ analgesia (i.e.l myofascial release, heat/ cold application, topical medications both cann and prescription based, poss. TENS unit use, etc) should be used with med cann products. Feel free to come ask questions from our various MD’s who are well versed in this area. I hope this helps!


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