Can using CBD help me get off pain medications?

"I’ve been on opioid medications for over 15 years."

Wow, seems like the medicines are not working. What kind of pain do you have? Usually, when you take pain drugs and you do them frequently, most of the severe pain should be completely gone in about 2 days but you will have intermittent pain at that point and that is a good time to go to cannabis for relief. Extending the use of potentially addictive western Pharmaceutical drugs beyond 10 days- 2 weeks maximum, can lead to chronic drug use because the pain has often shifted from a physiologic pain to a physiologic addiction and you begin to experience the pain most likely from withdrawing drugs not because your injury, surgery or broken bone still needs the pain drug. You could weaning off prescription pharmaceutical drugs by using cannabis, so consider getting your PCP involved in helping you to stop drug use.
CBD Cannabis is an excellent medication to help stop your pain especially if you do a topical CBD dominant salve as well as an internal dose of CBD such as vaporizing a high CBD, like ACDC. CBD cannabis will also calm any anxiety you have that may arise from giving up your pain drugs. I believe CBD’s make you fall in love with yourself and fall in love with life so that you actually start taking better care of yourself. Consider working with this idea and make the best of your life, it should be a fun project.


Yes! I used them for years before pure CBD oil took the place of opioids for me. Im not sure what kind of pain your dealing with. But for me I have 3 Harrington rods along my spine from a scoliosis surgery I had as a kid. My spine is straight but I now get super bad back and neck spasms. CBD changed my life!! I’m also big on balms due to occasional nerve pain. I hope some of this helps. 🙂


Yes, I think either CBD only or CBD/THC combo will help get you off of opioids.

When you use opioids for an extended period of time, your P450 enzyme system in your liver works overtime and you will keep needing more narcotics to get the same effect that you had initially. Your body adapts very quickly and well. As an anesthetist, I have seen patients who are on long term pain medications not respond at all to narcotics that would knock a normal person off of their feet because their bodies have built up a tolerance to the narcotics.

I would suggest using either CBD only or a combo of CBD/ THC topically during the day and then supplement it at night with a higher THC tincture.

You do not need a whole lot of THC. People tend to think that the more THC that is in a product, the better it will be at relieving pain. But THC and CBD work in synergy together and you really need just a little THC. The CBD will enhance the pain-killing effects of the THC. It isn’t the cannabinoids alone that are helping ease pain. There are chemicals in cannabis called terpenes that are pain relieving.

When checking out the topicals, check to see what ingredients are in it. Terpenes help relieve pain and are found not only in cannabis, but also in essential oils.
Here I am talking about the terpene Linalool which is found in cannabis, lavender and coriander. Also check to see what type of carrier oil is being used as it is vital to get all of those terpenes and cannabinoids into the cells where they can do their work.

If you don’t want to use any THC, that is fine also. Just go with CBD products that come from strains like ACDC, Harlequin, or Harley Tzu. It is a good idea to use different routes like vaping, tinctures and topicals. It will take a little experimenting to find that sweet spot that works for you, so be patient and you will soon find it.


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