Can you recommend best product as a sleep aid? I can fall asleep but can’t stay asleep

Hello! For help maintaining sleep, I recommend to use 2.5mg edible cannabis right at bedtime. 2.5mg is a low dose to start; you can increase the dose over time if necessary. If you wake with morning grogginess, decrease the dose.


I agree with Dr. Lew, in that it’s THC, rather than CBD, that helps most when treating insomnia. And as Dr. Lew suggests, it’s always best to start low and go slow. Also, because the main issue for you is staying asleep, edibles would likely be the best solution; taking the edible very close to bedtime should also help you stay asleep longer. Here are a few quality products to consider:
2.5mg THC/serving
10mg THC, 4mg melatonin/serving
5mg THC, 5mg CBD/serving


Actually, sleep disturbance challenges reveals to us why Cannabis is amazingly beneficial for so many people. Many times I find that people are doing far too much THC and THC stimulates the brain and that’s how it makes us creative and uplifted but too much TCH can also cause insomnia. I oftentimes recommend that people microdose THC during the day for a happy uplift and you can follow that with more THC in the evening but then you must take a large dose of CBD at bedtime because when CBD joins with the THC you have in your body you make Indica inside your body and you go to sleep within an hour and you wake up refreshed the next morning. In one month you will notice that you are getting better and in two months you should be awesome if you are doing enough CBD. For those of you who like the uplift from THC with no CBD during the day, do your CBD at night and this treatment plan may work much better for you.


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