Can you recommend CBD strains or products for insomnia?

"I have tried several Indica strains and I become relaxed, but my mind was still racing."

After smoking a strong Indica my mind usually goes into deep thought and after about 1-2 hours of deep thought as the "high" is coming down I start feeling tired and eventually fall asleep. A strain of flowers I recently smoked was called "Heirloom OG"(aka "High Octane OG") and this Indica put me to sleep almost instantly, without the sensation of my mind racing with thoughts.


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CBD tends to be energizing at low doses but can be sedating at high doses in some patients. If your difficulty in falling asleep is anxiety-driven, then perhaps using CBD twice a day (early am and around 4 PM) will alleviate your anxiety, thus allowing you to shut things off and fall asleep faster. With that, you might also try a different indica with higher myrcene or CBN levels which tend to be more sedating or increasing the dose. Granddaddy Purple, Purple Urkle, Critical Kush, and Master Kush are very popular varieties for insomnia. You may not be using enough. Whether you use a CBD or heavier indica, try vaping 1-2 puffs every 10 mins or so until you feel ready to fall asleep. Some patients find edibles have a more sedating effect but the absorption can be unpredictable so you should allow 1-2 hours for them to take effect. If titrating CBD, pick a time where sleep isn’t crucial to figure out how much you need for sedation, because it may cause increased alertness.


It depends on why you have insomnia…some people can take High CBD at bedtime which helps with anxiety and pain therefore allows them to sleep…but for most people since High CBD strains are sativa or sativa dominant, most people feel more alert and awake taking CBD at night time. Your best bet is if you do take CBD at night, add a small amount of a THC which is a Indica strain. Indica strains are sedating. If you do use tinctures, you can experiment and control how much THC you get in your dose and customize it for you. OR you can use THC alone to help with sleep.


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