Can you recommend edibles for sleep.

Cannabis is the best sleep aide "not on the market". It is safe, effective and affordable. Compared with inhalation, Edibles take longer to have effects, but can provide a longer duration of action. Edibles (and tinctures) can be very effective for helping people stay asleep through the night. I personally have found great success using a 1:1 CBD:THC oral oil. Generally indica strains will have "in da couch" effects and help provide relaxation and improved sleep. However other patients report improved sleep from many different kinds of cannabis. Patients who suffer from sleep apnea report improved sleep by using cannabis. This has been confirmed by studies that show cannabis helps to relax some of the muscles in the back of throat that contribute to a constricted airway. Try some different types of cannabis and see what works best for you.


We carry a number of edibles that are ideal for sleep and continually receive high remarks by our customers for aiding their sleep. These products are: Hashman Indica Chocolate Bar, Defonce Dark Chocolate Bar, Defonce Dark + Chocolate Bar, 420 Dark Chocolate and Sea Salt Bar, and Bittersweet Chocolate Coin (Indica). No matter what edible you go with you’re going to want Indica over Sativa since Indica relaxes where as Sativa stimulates. You can find the edibles mentioned above along with our other items on our 100% organic and vegan menu here: https://greendoorwest.com/collections


We sell a great tincture that is designed specifically to aid with sleep: Forest Nymph Sweet Dreams Tincture. It is a high CBD tincture with just a dash of THC to help fully relax your body and mind. You can find this tincture along with all of our other products on our 100% organic and vegan menu here: https://greendoorwest.com/collections


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