Can you recommend something for adrenal fatigue?

"FYI, this will be my second time ever taking cannabis so I’d rather start with something that isn’t too crazy."

The term "adrenal fatigue" is often used to describe a non-specific set of symptoms such as: unexplained hair loss, weight loss, sleep disturbance, body aches, low energy etc. The idea behind using the term "adrenal fatigue" is that these symptoms can sometimes sound like a known medical condition called "adrenal insufficiency" which can be tested with an early AM cortisol level, cortisol stimulation test, urine cortisol collection etc. Usually, people with "adrenal fatigue" have been tested for adrenal insufficiency and the test comes back negative. However, some practitioners insist the symptoms are related to some adrenal dysfunction and label the condition "adrenal fatigue."

The point here is that the symptoms you feel are real, but the term "adrenal fatigue" has no meaning in the medical community. Unfortunately, it is often a label that is used by certain practitioners to then peddle alternative therapies with no evidence to their benefit such as certain herbal supplements, which are unregulated in the US. If you are interested in buying supplements, do not purchase them from the practitioner recommending them. Instead, consider researching the product independently at the link below for more reliable information.

Cannabis-derived products may help treat some of the symptoms that people with "adrenal fatigue" usually describe including poor sleep or appetite. However, it is hard to recommend a product without knowing your specific symptoms. It would be a misnomer to call your illness "adrenal fatigue" and misleading to think cannabis is a treatment for that condition.


Since I have done alternative care for 40 years and I am have earned a board certification in Integrated Medicine, I have a very different view from most western medical practitioners who have not studied nutritional, herbal or homeopathic medicine.
I agree with Dr Sank in that there is testing available to find out the specific hormone that may be out of balance. I usually measure a 7AM cortisol and DHEA-s level but a 4 PM cortisol must be measured on the same day since the imbalance may be in the ratio of the AM to PM cortisol.
Coming to our site to ask this question, I am not certain you really want the technical information as much as, what type of Cannabis will help the most.
Since CBD cannabis tends to be a balancer and modulator in the body, I would highly recommend you consider using CBD cannabis to reduce your stress, stop inflammation, help you sleep better and start you on the path to recovery.
If you use the CBD regularly, you should be improved in 1-3 months and if you are not improved, it is certainly time for more testing.
If you are having symptoms in more than one endocrine gland, you may be suffering with low Pituitary output from aging (I wish I knew your age) because women are very susceptible especially in the perimenopause years. Young adults around the age of 20 also experience a bit of a pituitary crash because their level has been declining steadily since the age of 11 but it is about to come back and will come back to normal if the person starts regular exercise and pays attention to their diet and sleep habits. Cannabis can be very beneficial to both of these Groups of patients.
Consider using nonalcoholic CBD tincture at bedtime for a deep restorative night of sleep and if needed you may take small doses of CBD approximately 2x during the day to reduce your symptoms and start to improve your health challenges but you must be sure to follow up with your PCP if you have not improved in a reasonable time limit.
Often with a diagnosis like Adrenal fatigue come to the person actually over thinks everything and creates their own stress and if that fits you, consider taking a meditation class in order to learn to stop your brain from making monsters that maybe scaring you, instead put all that energy into thinking positive that you can overcome this problem.


Adrenal fatigue in my personal experience (why I’m following this thread) is caused by CKD specifically PKD and since my KD this isn’t a hormonal issue or hair loss. I have incredibly thick hair. Because my organs aren’t functioning at reasonable level toxins, minerals, and vitamins are not regulated properly. Meaning I don’t absorb minerals/vitamins well and I often have too much toxins in body creating edema (swelling). In addition I am always tired but unable to sleep. This may contribute to hormonal imbalance or cause but that’s a symptom. I’m hoping for information regarding the actual issues not the sub issue created by primary. I’ve added collagen and spirulina supplements to my D3, omega-3, and Magnesium which seems to be aiding me in energy and absorption of minerals etc. I’m still trying strains for MM (medical marijuana) but so far it’s hard to find locally what my research has come up with. Looking for High CBD/CBG strains. So many strains don’t have break down of all cannabinoids making it tough for consumers especially ones that are not just tired or sluggish but actually facing renal fatigue, organ failure and barely having strength but not wanting to be in hospice or hospital regularly or continually. I’m currently experimenting with high THC at night & CBD during day it doesn’t seem like I’m finding the right fit so far. Renal fatigue is from renal/kidney illness it’s not catch all for beauty treatments. If we could find strains to ease symptoms that would be great, even better to find strains that aid in pushing body towards homeostasis so it can repair self. I’d love if my poly cysts and cysts and tumors would shrink and go away. I’m following this thread hoping for real advice not marketing or generalized info that doesn’t relate or understand what renal fatigue is. Fatigue isn’t the same nor is being tired. Like comparing feeling sad to depression. Two very different things. Most energy inducing things are unavailable for CKD not to mention they don’t aid in fatigue which is symptom of illness not illness itself. If you have diagnosis of renal fatigue without renal issues then that doctor has done you a disservice and blankslate labeled you. If you have renal fatigue you should demand referral to see nephrologist so you can address issue not just symptom.


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