Can you recommend something to help me feel more alert during the day?

"I find it hard to stay awake when I work long night shifts."

How old are you? Are you sleeping well at night? Are you peri-menopausal? Are you trying to avoid unpleasant tasks? These all have a huge impact on your ability to focus during the day.
Young and old often and have sleep problems causing a lack of focus during the day but it’s often due to a failing hypothalamus pituitary. In the late teens& early 20s, we experience a precipitous decline in our human growth hormone levels because the bones quit growing and over 60 there is a nether precipitous drop in our human growth hormone levels. I have worked with patients extensively on rebalancing the hormones for optimal health results. Sleeping well at night is essential to having alertness during the day. Often peri-menopausal women are struggling and resisting getting older and they often don’t take enough time for themselves and we know the stress increases the precipitous decline in the hormones and peri-menopause is hormonal imbalance. Cannabis will help you sleep and CBD cannabis will help wake up your brain in the morning. I often will start patients on cannabis and wait at least one to 2 months before we entertain other supplements to restore the hypothalamus/ pituitary.
If you hate your job or your life it’s no wonder you might not be alert during the day because you’re in avoidance. That should tell you, you need a change. When you are not being authentic to yourself and the spiritual mission you are on in this lifetime you will have anxiety, stress and avoidance of those things that you know are wasting your time from doing what you were sent here to do and you might consider getting back on your path.
I personally love "Success" magazine because it has an inspiring CD included in every publication that teaches us how we can live our life better. The May 2016, issue has an interview with Mel Robbins on changing your life in five seconds. You might want to review Mel Robbins book or this interview. This same CD has a very good interview with Arianna Huffington on The Sleep Revolution and I think it’s very pertinent to your situation.
Now if you’re just staying up too late you have to discipline the child inside and take over as the parent because we don’t let children set their own bedtime, we the parents must step in and see to it the child goes to bed on time. We all have our internal child that wants what she wants when she wants it and that’s usually right now but you have to be the parent. Good luck on your sleeping, you should wake refreshed.


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