Can you recommended a low dose edible for pain management?

"I just got my recommendation and that is was the doctor advised me to start with."

We love the Flora Probiotic Chocolates for low dose edibles. Only 5mg per piece, they’re delicious and effective with additional absorption of the cannabinoids offered through the probiotics. We also carry a 1:1 CBD Chocolate from Bhang which is great for physical pain.


No matter what edible you try, make sure to note the strength (how many grams of THC). Start low, with 1-2 grams, and work your way up, allowing an hour before taking anymore. You’ll quickly learn the best dose for you tolerance and symptoms. You may also want to start with an edibles that is high in CBD (a non-psychoactive component that has many medicinal benefits).

Om Edibles has a CBD sipping cacao. Treat Yourself has a line of edibles that are higher in CBD, but also contain lower doses of THC. Outset edibles sells fruit crisps that start at 5mg (you can break them in half easily as well) and Functional Flora sells 5mg chocolates. All can be found on www.getsava.com.


You’ll want to ask your doctor about the appropriate THC to CBD ratio for your specific pain. It is usually 1:1 but if you’re not used to THC it can have psychoactive effects.


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