Can you take cannabis along with a variety of different medications?

"I’m currently taking Seroquel, Prozac,Guanfacine, Remeron, and Vyvanse."

I am happy you are interested in your potential drug to drug interactions.
It has been proven that if you are taking 4 or more medications, you are experiencing drug to drug interactions.
Since medications can and do change frequently, you need to know that you can monitor your drug to drug interactions at Epocrates Interaction check and it is free as a part of Athenahealth, Inc.
You already have potentially very serious side effects from interactions between the drugs you are currently taking before you even add cannabis so you really should be reviewing the drugs and side effects with your doctors before you start cannabis.
Any time you are given a new medication it is your doctor or your pharmacist that must review your medications for drug to drug interactions. Please, meet with one of your providers soon to determine what medications they plan to discontinue or adjust but I do not think you should be on Seroquel with Prozac, Remeron and Vyvanse all at the same time and they all have the potential to interact with cannabis. I did say there is the potential to interact but that is not a guarantee and you may not have any reaction to mixing these drugs. The interaction search is always very important and must be rechecked when your medications are changed.


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