Can you use HelloMD to get a recommendation in another state?

"Can I use HelloMD to get a card for a state other than California?"

Our physicians are licensed in California. As a result they can only meet with patients who are physically in the state of Ca. Sorry, we are not aware of other businesses that are similar in Montana at this time.


Hi there-In order to comply with CA laws, HelloMD can only connect patients who are physically in CA to doctors via videoconference. I would suggest that you take a look at Dr. Laura Bultman’s profile: https://www.hellomd.com/people/drbultman# She runs the Western Path Healing Center in Montana.


I live in NY and LA but my card expires before I will be back in LA. Can I not take a call with a Dr. to renew my card while I’m in NY if I provide dates of when I will be back in LA? I will be back the day after my card expires. What should I do?


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