Cannabis and Bad Dreams

“I was using straight CBD drops for pain and sleep. I started at 6 drops and worked up to around 15 drops. I am a real lightweight. After using the drops for about a week I began to have really bad dreams. I started going back to just 4 or 5 drops. Still get the bad dreams. Do you have any ideas on how to bypass this?

Any suggestions on other products I could try?”

I have heard that once stopping THC use some people experience lucid dreams. To a certain extent, I have experienced it myself. Not necessarily bad dreams, but very realistic. Something about THC makes me sleep in a way that makes me either not dream, or forget dreaming. So my advice would be to try something with a little THC in it and see if that will suppress your dreams. It does for me.


Yes, it can! To many, this is a surprise as people equate cannabis to a restful sleep and to many it is. The right amount of THC is linked to a shorter REM sleep and a deeper deep sleep cycle. Too much can cause anxiety and paranoia, the right amount induces sleep.

So what about CBD? CBD on its own has actually been shown to promote wakefulness which could be putting you into a longer and more active REM which is related to dream activity and the actual memory of that REM cycle.

A few possible solutions. One, you could take CBD very early in the day and see if this diminishes your reaction. The other option might be to introduce THC into the equation close to bedtime. Take your drops and try a tincture or sublingual spray that is for sleep. Start very low and slow so you don’t make it worse. I do one spray of a sublingual THC sleep spray and this helps me sleep through the night, like a log! Lastly, I find the way I react to different products varies. You may want to try a different brand and see if there is a change in how you react. I have noticed this myself, which is why I suggest this.

Everyone reacts differently. I’m not a doctor, this is only my opinion based on my own knowledge. Hope this helps and good luck!


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