Cannabis and its effects on memory retention?

"What are the effects of cannabis use on learning new concepts and memory retention. I don’t use during the day but I do at bedtime to get pain relief from my spinal injury and to handle anxiety and insomnia. But I am an accountant and have to retain client information while learning new concepts. How will this be affected by the cannabis treatment. Honestly, I would rather use cannabis than the drugs my neurologist wants me to take.


Cannabis studies have indicated that long term use can impact your memory. Although this is surely a negative affect of the medicine, it has to be taken with a grain of salt. Every medicine has side effects, unfortunately, so you will want to consider your medical issue and the comparative options that are designed to help you. Yes, cannabis can affect your memory and concentration, but so can a host of other medicines. For my own issues, I find that cannabis has much less negative side effects than other pharmaceuticals.

Here is the study I am citing on cannabis and memory:


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