Cannabis and weight loss?

"I have hypothyroidism and very recently (and quickly) gained almost 30lbs before being diagnosed and put on synthroid. I’d love to be able to use cannabis, both recreationally and medicinally, but really cannot bear to use anything that will give me "munchies" or cause any kind of metabolic slow down. Any recommendations on specific products I can look for within those restrictions?"

The well known "munchies" that can accompany taking cannabis are limited to an increase in appetite; there is no metabolic "slow down" or any overall metabolic effect at all secondary to cannabis. We also know that the various cannabinoids, CBD and THC particularly, interact in complex ways that significantly modify the experience. The effects on appetite seem to be most connected to THC, and it may be that some cautious experimentation with different CBD:THC ratios may demonstrate a range where the effects on appetite are minimal enough that this is not a problem for you. Good luck on your quest.


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