Cannabis is not legal for treating migraines in NJ,can vaping legal cbd oil be effective for daily headaches?

Cannabis effects different people differently so it is really dependent on how you react.

For myself, I have found a recipe that works for me which is daily dosing of tinctures with a CBD to THC ratio. I live in CA. You can read about my experience here:


There are many hemp based products on the market. They lack THC and other cannabinoids and as a result lack the entourage effect when all the elements come together. For some people this is fine, for others, like myself, you may need more cannabinoids to be effective.

Evoxe Labs carries a high CBD disposable pen with essential oils which you might try.

Also, be aware of where the hemp is sourced from. You want a high quality product, especially if you are inhaling it!

I hope this helps!


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