Cannabis oil suppositories for brain cancer. Will the THC still get to my brain?

I hope you’re well. I hope you don’t mind, I just wanted to ask you a question to see if you may know. I have been researching the internet but i can’t really find anything specific to my question.

I have been taking cannabis oil for a couple of years now to cure my brain cancer. I have had my ups & downs – my cancer did disappear for about a year but unfortunately came back in April of this year & I am back on high dosages of the oil ever since.

I am suffering from extreme anxiety, depression & paranoia which I never used to have. I have been looking online and came across that taking oil through suppositories mean you have a zero head high. This is music to my ears.

I understand through researching the internet it doesn’t give you a head high because it does not reach the liver. It is simply absorbed into the bloodstream.

So I am wondering if you don’t get a head high, does this mean I have less THC going into my brain? I have brain cancer therefore I want the THC to be going into my brain.

I am reading online that suppository method is the superior method because of the absorption rate. I have read that you get 50% less absorption rate by Oral intake because it goes through the digestive system and then into the bloodstream.

Any knowledge on this would be greatly appreciated regarding Brain cancer.

Ideally it would be great news if I could continue to take the oil without getting the high but I want to be certain this way works for brain cancer. I have read Rick Simpson page & they don’t specifically mention brain cancer.

Kind regards

Robert Montgomery"

Hi Robert,
From what i have read, THC can get through the blood brain barrier, so even taken rectally, it will get there. Here is a link to an article that might be helpful
From my experience with people with cancer, those that are consistent with taking the oil everyday have had the best results. Even if they are doing well, they are taking a maintenance dose of the oil.


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