Cannabis Tinctures for Nerve Pain

“One of my relatives has been suffering from nerve pain. He says it’s just his left side, and it feels like burning pins and needles. He did see the doctor, and the doctor said he has nerve damage similar to neuropathy, but aren’t sure what the cause is. They suggested he try cannabis! He has tried the Lord Jones High CBD lotion but has not gotten relief.

We are wondering if maybe a tincture will help the nerve pain? What dosage might be beneficial for him? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!”

Hi there! I’m sorry to hear your relative is struggling with this uncomfortable condition. Happily, cannabis does provide relief for many people with this issue. Please check out these search results on the topic which should provide plenty of information for you:


Applying cannabis to the skin will not provide significant absorption beyond a very local area so I would definitely try a tincture or similar preparation. When tinctures or lozenges are held in the mouth effects may be noticeable within 10 minutes; when cannabis is swallowed it may take up to an hour for effects. Starting with a CBD:THC ratio of 20:1 and varying the amount taken and the cannabinoid ratio (moving toward 1:1) may yield a preparation helpful in reducing the discomfort. Most patients find this kind of cautious experimentation useful for finding the best relief of their symptoms.


I agree with Dr. Elkind that a tincture containing both CBD and THC (for the entourage effect) would be a good choice. I also agree that for some patients, a traditional cream/emollient/oil may only have limited penetration into the skin. However, I might suggest another alternative. Companies like OMremedies.com & MakingYouBetterBrand.com have cannabis infused epsom salts (epsom salts being composed of magnesium salt which is important for nerve conduction). If you put a very small/fractional dose in warm (not steaming hot) water and see if the extremities can tolerate a dunk/bath for a short duration, this may be useful. In my experience a good deal of the limited medical literature concerning cannabinoids and neuropathic pain seem to use THC in the experiments (however an admixture of THC and CBD should also do well). I hope this helps please let us know what happens!


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