Cannabis use, blood pressure and stroke risk..

"I read an article about a New Zealand study that found a correlation between cannabis use and increased risk of stroke. I myself am 29, slightly overweight and my blood pressure has always been slightly high.. last time i believe it was 130/80. My father also had a stroke 3 years ago which has left me a bit paranoid. I have noticed that while using cannabis I sometimes experience rapid heartbeat, especially during sex. Though i feel healthy enough to use cannabis despite the rapid heartbeat and other things, I dont want to shoot my blood pressure through the roof and i definitely dont want to increase my risk of stroke! Is this something to be legitimately concerned about or am i being paranoid? What can i do to ensure that my cannabis use isnt putting me at risk for circulatory health issues? "

Having a predisposition for cardiovascular disease and a stroke is typically revealed in your genetic chart as an MTHFR snp. Consider reading ‘Feel Good’ by Dr Amy Yasko, since she explains why we want to know what’s in our genetic chart because then we can plan around the defects in your genetic chart so you don’t have to go down the same pathway as your family members. Keep in mind that vitamin D deficiency is rampant in the United States because were all working indoor, we wear sunscreen, we shower regularly washing the vitamin D off our skin and we wear clothes so we are not naked outside all day like our ancestors. Vitamin D deficiency is one of the leading causes of hypertension. Add to that our overconsumption of meat and very small servings of vegetables or greens in our diet and to much sodium and we are set up for a stroke. If you do have the
MTHFR snp, you are actually allergic to folic acid and you should work on removing folic acid from your diet while increasing raw organic greens or take methyfolicin daily and try to remove neurological toxins from your diet.
Now, about cannabis, please consider adding CBD cannabis during the day when you can’t be high because CBD cannabis does tend to protect your heart and blood pressure, cannabis contributes methyl groups so your genetic chart will tend to work better. If you consistently do high THC, it can increase your heart rate and blood pressure so I always recommend that you follow high THC with high CBD so you can go to sleep and it will balance the high THC in your system. A nice Indica, or a mild Sativa can help with a sexual function for women especially.
Due to cycling female hormones, women tend to be protected until they reached peri-menopause, when their risk factors increase and make them more prone to high blood pressure and vascular disease. If you are a man, your risks tend to be higher at a younger age.
Since you are aware that this is a potential problem, you should be exercising at least 45 minutes per day six days per week, eating a very healthy, organic diet with minimal processed foods, supplement with CoQ 10, omega-3, methylated B vitamins and vitamin D3 in order to live a long healthy life but do consider getting your genetic chart with a methylation analysis so you know the exact supplements you need for your genetics.
It is also very important to realize all of our days are numbered, so live in the moment, be happy and healthy and learn how to let stress run off your back rather than holding onto stressful situations. Another book that may help is Eckhart Tolle, ‘The Power of Now’, since now is the only moment we can live fully since we do not live in the past or the future. It is worth your time to know yourself.


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