CBD cannabis oil and sore throat

"I began using CBD oil about a month ago and feel great overall. I’ve noticed a significant improvement in various areas: better sleep, fewer headaches, less stress, etc. However, it was giving me a really bad sore throat. I stopped the oil and my sore throat went away. I really want to continue using CBD but want to find a solution to the throat irritation. Are there alternatives? Edibles, capsules?"

Glad to hear you found symptom relief with CBD oil. It’s too bad you experienced sore throat.
To answer your question, below are some alternatives:

  • Oral: pills, sublingual, sprays, and edibles (edibles can be difficult to dose). Oral formulations can last up to 5hrs. It can take pills and edibles 1 – 3hrs to work. The spray and sublingual route have an onset of 15-30mins.
  • Transdermal patches – onset of 20 mins, with a duration of 6-12hrs
  • Inhalation – smoking (has associated risks such as bronchitis), and vaping. Onset of 5-15 mins, with a duration of 2-3hrs
  • Topical – applied to painful, itchy areas

Lonah NP

Sore throat can be a symptom of local irritation, pharyngitis or laryngitis. The inhaled form , regardless of the method, results in vocal swelling and irritation of the local mucous. Some inhaled methods, such as a vaporizer, result in a lesser degree of laryngitis than others such as unfiltered joints.

Oil taken under a tongue should cause the irritation and soreness; however, sometimes it can be mild hypersensitivity of the area to the product. In your case you can try mix your oil with food and swallow it, or you can try pills with CBD.


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