Cbd cream for tight throat?

"Can based creams can relax my throat muscles and make it not tighten up? I have anxiety and I often have a tight throat making it hard for me to breathe. My throat muscles tighten up so much it stresses me out. Help "

I have have found a lot of success with topical’s and their ability to help muscles relax. I personally have some TMJ issues being fixed by braces currently, though sometime’s the pain can be excruciating on bad days. When my jaw is really locked up, rubbing a topical salve on my upper jaw does a great deal to alleviate my pain.

I have not used this on my neck, but I would guess that the topical would have a similar affect if it your muscles that are causing the restriction. Topicals are very low risk and do not show up on a drug test or cause you to feel "high."


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