CBD dosing

“I am just starting to experiment with CBD. The product I have “Wonder MTC” is 25:1 CBD to THC. How many drops would be a starting dose? Trying to understand the concept of Microdosing.”

Typically when people talk about microdosing in the cannabis world, it’s in the context of THC. Micordosing is supposed to give you positive effects without the psychoactive effects you could feel at higher doses. In this sense, I don’t know if microdosing w/ CBD applies at all.

For your tincture…there is no set dose per person. After doing a quick search of your product online, it looks like 1 drop = 1mg CBD. Keep in mind that you might not feel anything right away. I’ve interviewed many patients & experts on CBD dosing and those who see the best results take their CBD tincture everyday–think of it as a vitamin. These folks have all said that it takes about 1 month for it to build up in your system. I’m not a doctor but if I was trying to figure out a dosing routine for myself, I’d do at least 5mg CBD 2 to 3 times a day for at least 3 days and then reassess. If I didn’t notice a difference I would opt for a different tincture or a higher dose.

Danielle Lim

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