CBD oil and rashes

"I started using CBD ticture as an additional remedy for my RA. After using it for a week, I developed a rash where ever skin met skin, i.e. under breasts, in panty area. I now have what appears to be rough rash across my cheeks and nose. I read the response you gave about adulterated oil and another gal’s rash, I don’t understand what you mean by the adulterated but I would rather know how long the rash will persist as I have stopped taking the tincture.
Thank you, Lorra"

I am a little confused because you are using this CBD tincture topically instead of an oral administration so I do wonder if you’re using the medication correctly. Usually the topical preparation of CBD is a salve, a balm or a lotion and the tincture would be an oral preparation. But overall, I might treat you differently then the recommendation you received.
I seriously doubt that you are allergic to cannabis but you may be allergic to the way the cannabis was extracted and if it was not grown organically you could be reacting to other chemicals in the preparation. An oral preparation should have been tested for purity but topical products aren’t always tested for purity, I can’t speak directly about the product you used.
We have proof now that a high percentage of RA is actually due to vitamin D deficiency. If you have vitamin D deficiency you’re much more likely to react negatively in your skin because vitamin D is necessary for healthy skin. Do you happen to know what your vitamin D level is? Vitamin D is the hormone, not a vitamin and it is essential to your long-term health. Vitamin D and CBD together (Not necessarily a at the same time) can make a huge impact on helping you attain a healthier state. You must make sure you have normal kidney function since vitamin D is cleared through the kidneys. I will send an article I wrote on vitamin D attached to this answer. You may want to purchase an A and D ointment to apply to the rash to help it heal. Most people think they can get enough vitamin D from the sun but they end up destroying their skin and looking old before they should and yet they are still vitamin D deficient. If hypertension, heart disease, autoimmune disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s and cancer run in your family then very likely you maybe missing the vitamin D receptor but that would be revealed in your genetic chart. If you would like further information on how to obtain your genetic chart please send a separate question because I can only answer here one time, you must generate a new question. So the take-home answer is, I don’t think you’re allergic to CBD and your skin should clear up but you very likely are deficient in vitamin D and by changing your CBD product you likely will not have any further problems but you also may want to get your vitamin D issue resolved first.
About Vitamin D, it is an essential hormone not a vitamin:

Most humans are Vitamin D deficient. Our ancestors lived outside all day, they did not wear clothes or sunscreen and they did not shower daily washing the oils off their skin and they ate a lot of fish when they did catch fish. Vitamin D is necessary to take calcium from your diet and put it into the bones and the tissue where it can be utilized properly. If you do not have an adequate blood level of vitamin D you will calcify tissue that should not be calcified and you’re more likely to suffer leg cramps at night.
Vitamin D is necessary for the human body to function normally because in the human body it is a hormone not a vitamin and hormones are necessary to create new healthy cells.
If the vitamin D blood level is low in your body, it negatively affects many systems, such as your muscles and blood pressure. With low levels of Vitamin D you may experience thyroid disease, chronic pain with muscle & joint aching, kidney stones & even calcified heart valves, high blood pressure, depression, osteoporosis, fibromyalgia, an increased risk of migraine headaches and even a significantly increased risk of breast cancer with a greater risk for metastatic disease and death.
The laboratory ‘normal’ for Vitamin D3 is 30-100 (30ng/mL is rickets level) but for optimum health the blood level must be 55-100. Do you want to be just ‘normal’ or would you like to go for optimum?
The kidney clearance function for Vitamin D must be monitored so the larger amounts of Vitamin D are not overwhelming the ability to clear any excess Vitamin D from the system and this is the level of the active form of Vitamin D.
For a healthy patient with normal kidney function and vitamin D deficiency, I recommend a large dose (called a bolus) of vitamin D3, approximately 40,000 international units to be given with food one time per week plus 5000 International units of vitamin D3 per day, repeating the sequence for up to four weeks and then do a repeat blood level. For accuracy do not take your vitamin D right before the blood test and do not do the bolus the day before or the day of the blood test. You should notice a significant sense of well-being once your blood level of vitamin D3 is above 55 ng/mL but there is no benefit in going above 100 ng/mL.
The blood test is a ’25-hydroxy Vitamin D’ or abbreviated ’25-OH D’
The test for kidney clearance of vitamin D is ‘1, 25-dihydroxy Vitamin D’
The tests look almost the same but the tests are quite different in their function.
Local laboratories charge up to $250 for the Vitamin D test and insurance rarely covers the test because it has to do with your health not an illness. You may obtain the same test from an online laboratory for about $45, you order the kit a local lab draws your blood for about $15 and it is shipped off to the online laboratory and the results come directly to you.
Some people are born with genetic snps ( a genetic change in the base sequence of DNA= snp) and those people tend to show emotional distress, osteoporosis, diabetes and even cancer since Vitamin D deficiency may exist even while supplementing Vitamin D3.


I too began using a CBD LOTION and broke out in rashes slowly over the 2 months I have used it. Painful and itchy, not to mention the expense!


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