CBD Oil for my son's ADHD/Weight

"I want to know if cbd oil could help my son. He is almost 13 years old and severely under weight due to 3 years of prescription stimulates for his ADHD. We have tried so many different meds and he hates them. Would he be able to use cbd oil to help both his adhd symptoms as well as help him gain weight? If so can he get his own recommendation? Thank you"

 I have an experience working with patients with low body weight due to psychostimulant use and eating disorders. You might actually benefit from use of an appetite stimulating controlled dose of the cannabinoid THC in a pill form. Products like Kindcaps and the Daily Chill Pill contain 10mg THC in a gel cap or coconut oil capsule. Low dose THC can reduce the anxiety so many patients with ADHD experience as a principle symptom. Low dose THC can also spark focus, enhance attention and creativity and offer up to eight hours of positive mental attitude for a young adult.

 It makes common sense that using a nutrition and calorie dense THC infused edible in a 5 to 10mg THC dose will offer both nutritional and therapeutic benefits of long duration.

 I promise you that the best way to build lean body mass is to have your son work with a strength trainer using the hypertrophy formula. That is 80% of the maximum strength capacity for a select multipoint exercise. With proper progression you should see enlargement, sculpting and definition of muscles, increased bone density and an improved mood and appetite due to the natural increase in the hormones testosterone and growth hormone. 
 The complexities of authorizing a 13 year old to use medical marijuana can be a hurdle. I encourage you to talk first with your son's pediatrician about the idea of using medical cannabis in a reliable low dose pill form, rather than an inhaled method. When you have secured the support of your pediatrician you can search the web to identify medical cannabis doctors who are comfortable authorizing a minor with both parental consent and consent of the pediatrician. This is the standard that is currently being promoted in California.


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