CBD oil works for Cervical cancer?

"For Cervical cancer what would be the approx idea ratio of CBD:THC? I know there is no standard but an approx. The hemp oil on cureyourowncancer has 5MG of THC for a grab compared to 260 MG of CBD. Will this help or is that too low in THC?

What would be the dosage method recommended? Suppositories from Vagina would be more effective?

This is for a cervical cancer reoccurence for my mother who is 56 years old. Previously total hysterectomy was performed and after a year a tumour on vaginal wall is back."

Yes, cannabis acted on the cancerous cells , through apoptosis, or a process of cell death, causing only the cancerous cells to kill themselves, and inhibiting their growth. You can buy CBD oil here:


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